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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Delinquent tax sales

There has been some confusion and I receive a lot of questions about the redemption period for delinquent tax sales in Tennessee. In fact, the law was changed in 2006 to state that the period expires "one year from the date of sale as evidenced by the order of confirmation." Therefore the date of sale is the date used to measure the expiration of the redemption period. I also receive a lot of questions about the redemption process. According to the statute found at TCA 67-5-2704, if redemption occurs, the Clerk and Master will send notice of the redemption to the buyer and that person or entity has 30 days to file a motion to contest the redemption or assert claims for additional monies or both. If no claim or motion is filed by the buyer, the buyer will receive a refund of money plus interest at the statutory rate of interest. Finally, another statute states that the person in possession during the redemption period must not commit waste to the property. These provisions are found in Tennessee Code Anotated 67-5-2701-2705. I will be glad to attempt to answer questions you may have about this process.

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